Choosing the best

What we read does change us. It refines our soul or dulls it; it broadens our horizons or narrows them.

World Book Day

A book is a curious object. Sometimes it's like a window through which the last rays of sunlight before nightfall shine through to illuminate an old family photo in a forgotten corner of the house: on a page we find, all of a sudden, our own memories.

Why Read the Classics?

We present here the fourteen definitions of a classic that Italo Calvino wrote in his essay “Why Read the Classics?”, published posthumously in 1991, and we offer you in this link a list with 50 classics of universal literature.

What is a classic?

Discover the new literary selections of Delibris

Delibris now has a new section on the Home page: three modules at the bottom of the page offering different literary selections, grouped by genre. The purpose is to make it easier for users to quickly and easily find the literary selections we offer.

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A good book is like a good friend. It will stay with you for the rest of your life